Terms and conditions of rental

All the floats are in good condition

We checked every floats to ensure all floats are good condition before handling over to customer. Customer should keep the floats and pumps in good state. Floats that are not cleaned or stained (sand, mud, water & etc) will be charged at RM 30 per float.

We are practising first pay first reserve basis and once the payment has confirmed, neither cancellation nor reschedule will be allowed. In any unforeseen circumstances, refund will be keep as store credit.

Appointment of delivery shall be made one (1) day before the renting period.
Available delivery time: 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Any late return of floats will be subjected to penalities of the daily float rates.

All the accessories, eg pumps (electric or manual), adapter, pump container, etc., must be returned, regardless of any circumstances. Otherwise, it will be charged based on the market selling price.

Deposit shall be paid before the renting period and will be returned to customers within 2 days after the renting period, provided there are no damage or losses of the floats. Damage float will be charged based on market selling price.

Self-collection of product is available at 3 Damansara Mall (formerly known as Tropicana City Mall) *Free of Charges!
Other delivery locations will be subjected to additional delivery charges.

Almost there, By renting with us, Customer accept these terms from Float Time Kl. For any questions arise during the rental period, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you